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Website hosting is a mandatory expense that must be incurred if you want a presence online. Whether profit is your motive or not, why spend more for hosting than necessary? Why pay for more than you actually need? With you can find the exact right specs at the exact right price.

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With our sophisticated database and deep crawl search engine we provide more information that you may need, but you can filter the results and compare the specs that are important for your project. Whether it is storage or bandwidth, price or terms, you can quickly and easily see the information you need to make the best decision.

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Once you have filtered your search and reduced your choices to match your needs, you can sort your results by price, review overall customer satisfaction scores and make the appropriate decisions. Choose from dozens of hosting providers and quickly narrow your search down to your choice for hosting.

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compare hosting plansWeb hosting is a massive business with thousands of providers offering hundreds of products to host the billions of websites on the internet. From behemoths like Network Solutions to smaller mom and pop hosting, has you covered. While find the right host is a crucial step in the success of an online venture, it is not one that should take weeks, days, or even hours. Hosting for a website is a critical investment and all investments should be well thought out, and before now it took weeks or days to gather all the information that you need about all the hosting companies you find on google. But now, that has all changed. By creating a massive database and powerful search engine with hundreds of hosting companies, webmasters are able to compare hosting companies and compare hosting plans on an easy to interpret spec by spec basis.

Website hosting is not your core business and should not be your core focus. You should invest time upfront ensuring you have the right hosting company partner, then you can focus on building a great website and perhaps making money. So, beyond price, it is essential to ensure the service levels that you require are met. If you are a novice, service levels may be an important consideration. If you are a pro, may precise specs are the deciding factor. If you have a site that has high storage needs or a video site that requires high bandwidth availability, you can filter results and make your hosting investment easily.


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So, whenever you are ready to build a new website, move to a different hosting provider, or do research for a future venture,compare server specs is here to make that job simple. Select which items are important to you or just press search. You can filter the results with just a click and compare hosting companies by specs or by price. Easily find the cheapest hosting company with acceptable specs and your desired technical support level. With our powerful search engine you can compare web hosts quickly and efficiently so you can get on with doing the important things that will make you money or make you successful.


Perhaps you are looking for the traditional shared Linux hosting, a Windows server, a VPS or Dedicated server. Perhaps you are looking for low-end VPS box or cheap hosting plan. Maybe you want to save money and gain some peace of mind by paying annually.


Start your search and compare hosting companies below.