Dedicated Hosting

Owning a website and/or blog is a lot of responsibility, and is a lot more complex than many people realize. Not only do you have to ensure it is reliable, safe, secure, and efficient, but you also have to make sure that you have the correct hosting service in place. As web hosting is such a lucrative business to be involved in, the web hosting industry also happens to be one of the most competitive. Because of this, finding the right web hosting can be tough. If you’re fairly new to web hosting, you may first wish to familiarize yourself with dedicated hosting. Below we’ll be taking a detailed look at dedicated hosting, as we look at what it is, who it is for, and why it is so beneficial. Without any further delays, let’s bring you up to speed.


What is dedicated hosting? – In simple terms, dedicated hosting is basically a specialist term used to describe various web hosting packages which are devoted to a single individual for a single process. Most commonly you will find that WordPress websites benefit hugely from dedicated servers, as these often see a lot of web traffic. Shared hosting on the other hand, is a stark contrast to dedicated hosting, as shared hosting involves a server playing host to a wide range of different clients at once. With dedicated servers, the one server is dedicated solely to you.


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Who needs a dedicated hosting package? – There are many people who may need dedicated servers, though primarily, if you fall into any of the following categories, a dedicated server may be for you:


  • People who require safe and secure websitesdedicated servers
  • People that require a website with very high uptime rates
  • People that wish to customize their sites/blogs
  • People that require fast and efficient websites


What are the benefits of dedicated hosting? – Some key benefits of dedicated servers include:


Very reliable – A great benefit of dedicated servers is the fact that they are so reliable. This is mainly due to the fact that memory, disk space, and memory, are not shared with any other sites. This makes your site reliable and means it will have great uptime rates.


Secure – With dedicated servers, security is also increased exponentially, as you will have your own unique IP address. With shared hosting, you are sharing with other sites on the server, so if any other sites on the server become compromised, all sites on the server will be compromised as a result.


Better performance – In the same way that your website is safer on its own rather than being on a shared server, it is also faster and more efficient. You see, with shared servers, if any shared sites