Hostgator Dedicated Servers

Hosting a website is something that should be planned meticulously, down to very last detail, especially if you plan on using your website for business purposes. Web hosting is a very complex topic that few people seem to understand, which is why we’ll be taking a more detailed look at it in this article. Specifically, we’ll be looking at Hostgator and their dedicated hosting packages in a bid to determine whether or not Hostgator dedicated hosting would be right for you. Below you’ll find a little background info on Hostgator, dedicated hosting, and the benefits it can provide. So, without any further hesitation, let’s bring you up to speed on who Hostgator are:


About Hostgator – Hostgator are a Texas-based web hosting company who have been around since the year 2002. From then up until now, Hostgator have won numerous awards including being voted as the best host to grow with, PC mag’s Editor’s choice pick, and many more besides. They offer their clients a number of web hosting plans and packages, including cloud hosting, shared hosting, and of course, dedicated hosting, which we’ll be looking at here.


Why dedicated hosting? – Dedicated hosting is very beneficial because, unlike shared hosting, your website will have an entire server devoted solely to it and it only. With shared hosting, multiple websites will share the same server, so if one site becomes vulnerable, or picks up problems, this can have a domino effect that can affect the other sites on the same server. With dedicated hosting however, this isn’t a factor.


What are the benefits of Hostgator dedicated hosting? – Some of the main benefits of Hostgator’s dedicated hosting plans include:


Fantastic tech support – As Hostgator have been around since 2002, it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two when it comes to computers, and hosting. Hostgator’s tech support is reliable, fast, friendly, and very easy to understand. They have experts available around the clock, who can be reached in a variety of different ways, who will almost certainly be able to help you with what you need to know.


High uptime rates – Your website needs to be available to your visitors as much as possible, which is why Hostgator is ideal. Their dedicated servers mean that your site will be up for much longer, because you aren’t at risk due to other sites like on a shared server. With shared hosting, if one site crashes, other sites on the server will crash. As it is just you, this isn’t an issue. Hostgator dedicated hosting offers uptime rates of 99.99%.


More flexibility – Another great thing about Hostgator dedicated hosting is that you get to be more flexible with your site. You can customize things to suit you, rather than you having to make sacrifices based upon other site requirements. If you require more RAM, no problem. Need more memory? Hostgator will have you covered.