Three Reasons to Choose WPEngine

In the business world, if you want to provide your business with any chance of beating your competitors, establishing a strong online presence is absolutely vital. Naturally, a website and ideally a blog, is also therefore vital, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. You see, having a site and blog is one thing, but if you don’t have the correct host, your sites just will not be realizing their full potential. This is where WPEngine comes into the picture. WPEngine is one of the most successful web hosts in the world, and is a member of the WordPress family. Just to give an idea of why this is so important, WP currently makes up around 20% of all content you can find online. This means that roughly 1 in 5 sites or blogs online, will be hosted via WP. Just to put this into perspective, there are over 1 billion sites currently online, so that means that there are over 200 million websites being hosted by WP. But why should you be using WPEngine?


WP Engine is reliable and secure – Having a reliable website is essential for any business, which is why you should seriously consider hosting via WPEngine. According to recent statistics, websites that were NOT hosted via WPEngine were found to have far more problems and issues than sites hosted via WPEngine. Non WPEngine hosted sites are also far more vulnerable to being hacked and targeted by cyber criminals than WPEngine hosted sites. WPEngine provides sites with a built-in intrusion detection system that is extremely effective when dealing with brute force attacks or DDoS attacks against your site. The more reliable and secure your site is, the better this is for all parties, except the cyber criminals of course.


WP Engine offers a hugely popular Migration Tool – Another reason why you should be hosting via WPEngine is the fact that it offers a hugely popular migration tool. This tool works flawlessly to migrate your databases and content over to staging URLs. Here you can give everything a once over to ensure that it is working as it should, before then completing your migration and subsequently updating your DNS.


It is worth it for the automatic restore points and backups – If you only need one reason to start using WPEngine, this is it. WPEngine offers automatic backups and restore points that will backup your websites every single day, allowing you to create automatic backup points for when you want them. This is extremely useful in case you happen to be updating a plugin and find that doing so may have lead to numerous errors occurring (we’ve all been there at some point!) If this is the case, no bother, you just restore back to a backup point you selected previously, and your site will be up and working again in a matter of seconds.