WPEngine Review

It doesn’t matter whether you want to simply expand your website and/or blog for fun, or for business purposes, naturally you will want the most reliable, user-friendly, and effective web hosting that you can find. In order to launch your blog, choosing the correct host is vital, and it is also very daunting in the process. Rather than simply going for budget hosting options however, more and more people are instead using managed WordPress hosting, which is where WPEngine enters the picture. WPEngine is hugely popular, and has been turning a lot of heads recently, for all of the right reasons. Here’s a detailed WPEngine review to help you get a better understanding of what WPEngine actually is.


What is WPEngine? – WPEngine is a member of the WordPress family. WordPress is now the backbone of hundreds of millions of websites currently online, and in actual fact, WordPress currently hosts more than 20% of all websites found online, which is astonishing considering there are over 1 billion websites currently in operation online. WPEngine is a content management system, or CMS for short, that provides fantastic security, uptime, and technical support. That is combined with the other features that help make WP so hugely popular.


What are the main benefits of using WPEngine? – Whilst WPEngine is not without its minor flaws, for the most part it is considered hugely beneficial for a number of reasons. For example:


Great for ecommerce – If you plan on using your website/blog for ecommerce purposes, WPEngine is the CMS for you. It offers plugins based entirely around ecommerce tools, on top of email marketing tools as well. This means that you can use these tools to create a user-friendly online store, plus thanks to the email marketing capabilities, you also get additional marketing and advertising possibilities as well.


Very secure – If you are indeed selling online, security will be absolutely essential, and thankfully WPEngine offers exactly what you need. WPEngine provides a free SSL certificate which safeguards customer data sent from them, to your servers. Daily scans for malware are also carried out, making WPEngine extremely safe and secure.


Reliable – If your site is indeed making you money, you’ll know that time is money, and every second of downtime will potentially be costing you big. Fortunately WPEngine offers stellar uptime as it is so reliable, so the chances of your site crashing will be very low.


Is WPEngine worth it? – Absolutely. WPEngine offers flexible price plans based upon your own specific requirements, it is hugely popular, very affordable and very easy to use. In particular, users have been especially impressed with just how easy it is to use, on top of the security features, and the stellar technical support. For those reasons, and many more besides, WPEngine gets two thumbs up.