WPEngine Security

With the internet now proving to play a pivotal role in everyday life for many of us, the need to be vigilant and secure online is now greater than ever before. We pay our bills online, we do our banking online, we shop online, and we enter sensitive personal data online. The last thing we want is for this data to fall into the wrong hands, which is why it pays to place an emphasis on security. As a website/blog owner that takes orders online, it is your responsibility to ensure that your customer’s information is secure and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are becoming more tech-savvy with each passing day, so staying one step ahead of them is tough. The good news is that if you are a WPEngine user, you will enjoy some of the most advanced security features you could ever imagine. WPEngine has a stellar reputation when it comes to security online, and it’s easy to understand why. Here’s a look at just what it is that helps make WPEngine so safe and secure.


WPEngine offers disk-write protection – One of the most prominent security features offered by WPEngine is that it has the ability to block processes which could ordinarily write to disk. This is important because it means that themes and plugins that would ordinarily be vulnerable, will be much harder to target. You see, malicious coding can attack websites by embedding itself to the file-system of a website if a vulnerable plugin or theme has been used. With WPEngine, the likelihood of this happened is low.


Logged disk write attempts – Another great security feature used by WPEengine is that it logs all attempts at writing to a disk in order for WP to identify both malicious, and non-malicious coding.


Scanned plugins – One of the best things about WPEngine is that it offers so many unique plugins to its users. Like all things however, there is a downside to this, in that not all plugins are considered safe and secure. WPEngine provides a top-tier system scanner which can identify vulnerable/unsafe plugins, and subsequently disables them in a matter of seconds. Not only can certain plugins be disabled for security reasons, but if you notice a lack of performance on your site, a quick scan could scan through plugins and identify a plugin which may be slowing things down. Again, this plugin can easily be disabled so you can speed up your site/blog right away.