Hostgator VPS Review

These days, having a website is considered a necessity for a business, and in order to have a website, you must ensure you find a reliable and efficient web host. There are over 1 billion websites currently in operation online, and that number is growing each day. As each website needs a host of some sort, all of a sudden, the reason why we’ve recently seen such an influx of web hosting companies becomes clear. One company that has been turning heads for all of the right reasons is Hostgator, and it is their VPS hosting that we’ll be reviewing for you here. If you’re wondering whether Hostgator’s VPS hosting plans are right for you, hopefully by the time you finish reading our Hostgator VPS review, all will become clear.


More about Hostgator – Hostgator are based in Texas and have been on the scene since 2002. With over 15 years of experience behind them, Hostgator certainly know a thing or two about the web hosting world. Hostgator have a reputation for being one of the most efficient and reliable web hosting companies in the world, and they have actually won numerous awards to help prove this. Hostgator have plenty to offer their clients, though it is just the VPS hosting that we’ll be looking at today.


What is VPS hosting? – VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server hosting. VPS hosting basically turns a physical server into numerous virtual servers that host websites on the exact same infrastructure as before. Basically, a VPS server provides benefits of both shared, and dedicated, hosting.


Hostgator VPS packages – Hostgator offer their clients linux based VPS hosting packages which are available for just under $20 per month. VPS packages are perfect for websites which receive a lot of traffic, require a lot of power, and are unable to make use of regular shared servers. Hostgator’s basic VPS plan is known as Snappy 2000, and with this, users receive 120GB of disc space, 2GB of RAM, and 1.5TB of data per month. Here prices start at $79.95 per month, unless users commit to three years, in which case it costs just $19.95 per month.


Why choose Hostgator VPS? – Some of the main advantages associated with choosing Hostgator include:


  • Great uptime rates
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Award-winning company
  • Great VPS plans to choose from
  • Improved flexibility rates
  • Reduced costs
  • And more besides…